Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been seeing Dr Ross and Dr Stephanie for about a month and the results I’ve been getting have been incredible. I feel so much more alert, my acid reflux is gone and I am moving so much better. Their office is so welcoming! Also, Brittany at the front is so sweet and always helpful!!!! I’m so grateful I found them!"

- Callie W.

"I started seeing Dr. Stephanie Benz during my second trimester of pregnancy after experiencing intense back and hip pain. I was so impressed with her from the get-go! She is incredibly knowledgeable and after a thorough exam, she was able to determine the cause of the pain. Not only did she have me back to normal in just a few visits, but I am convinced that my work with her led to an easier labor and quicker recovery! I would highly recommend this practice to anyone, especially if you are expecting! As a mom herself, she is such an amazing resource and it was so wonderful working with her during my pregnancy!"

- Kristy W.

"Wonderful, highly educated doctors who spend time getting to the root of my problems/pain. The knowledge and corrective practices they share have always helped me. Both are very caring doctors who’s goal is to help you feel better and fix whatever might be wrong. As someone who works out a ton, they have been amazing at treating many pains I’ve developed and taught me how to counter them from occurring again. The staff is also always friendly and helpful. Look forward to every visit!"

- Eli W.

"Dr Stephanie is amazing, actually so is Dr Ross (saw him a few times when Stephanie wasn’t available) I appreciate how she walked me through all my issues from the X-ray’s, explained how she was going to fix them and after every visit I was able to move better and have less back pain. I was nervous at first about getting “cracked” but am so glad I found them."

- Kimberly H.

"Dr. Stephanie is so great! I was very nervous about going to a chiropractor for the first time! She made me instantly feel comfortable! BEST decision I ever made! I miss her greatly!"

- Haily S.


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